So the other day I was sitting at my computer looking through some old photos when I sound some that I thought would suit the CFFC Wood Challenge.  I sat and loaded the photos all up onto my media folder, then a little disaster struck and we had a family emergency. I had to switch off my computer and there it sat with the ‘wood’ photos suspended in my computer sleep mode for several days. It seemed such a shame not to post them … so even though I am late to the party, here are my ‘wood’ photos.

This challenge didn’t stump me at all.

In October, I visited Antalya in Tukey. I was down at the old harbour area and I spotted this old tree.  I had a few moments of face pareidolia when I looked at this particular tree.  It was old and gnarley, definitely a face, would you agree?

This, less bright photograph of the ‘Dark Hedges”, which is from the Game Of Thrones. GOT was filmed around Northern Ireland, I have not ever watched it but I heard that it was a popular show to watch.

Trees from above. I was out flying this day across the Mourne Mountains and Tollymore Forest down at Newcastle, County Down. I wanted to look at the lake from above; curiously, the lake is sort of heart-shaped and the trees are dense. 

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